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Drivable on land and water, the Ocean Craft Marine Amphibious Boats create easy boating for all fishing and family trips.

Ocean Craft Marine Amphibious Boats create easy boating for all fishing and family trips. Drivable on land and on water, these boats deliver easy launching from your beachfront property, direct access to beaches whilst out on your boating journeys, and eliminates the need for a boat trailer and towing vehicle.
Made in Dubai, Ocean Craft Marine vessels are fully customisable by colour, seating configuration, accessories, and other options. You can tailor your Ocean Craft Marine to suit your needs and style.

Ocean Craft Marine Range

The mobility, versatility and freedom it gives you are unparalleled.

Aluminium Amphibious 7.1

This brand new, full aluminium, 7.1m OCM Amphibious workhorse has been specifically designed for the New Zealand market. Whether you’re targeting fish or wanting to cruise the coastal waters recreationally, this beautiful, built tough, plate boat competes with the best and still has all the comfortable trimmings to accommodate the whole family.

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Amphibious 7.1

The Amphibious Boat 7.1m is a very sought-after size. It is big enough to allow full customization and design of the platform and have enough space for storage and personnel while having the ease of maneuverability of smaller boats.

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Amphibious 8.4

The 4WD Amphibious Craft 8.4m is the ideal sized boat for a yacht tender. Great for transporting guests ashore, for water sports and for crew activities, these tenders can be customized with a multitude of equipment and accessories to the specifications needed.

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The only 4 WD Amphibious boat out there. Our boats are favoured around the world for professional mariners in Law Enforcement, Firefighting, Search and Rescue, Coast-Guard Patrol, Flood Rescue as well as Transportation and guided tours.

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