Ocean Craft Marine Amphibious 8.4

This Amphibious RHIB is great for transporting guests ashore, for water sports, and for crew activities.

The 4WD Amphibious Craft 8.4m is the ideal sized boat for a yacht tender. Great for transporting guests ashore, for water sports and for crew activities, these tenders can be customized with a multitude of equipment and accessories to the specifications needed.

The Ocean Craft Marine 4WD Amphibious craft completely enhances your boating experience. Combining the unparalleled performance of an Ocean Craft Marine Rigid Inflatable Boat with the outstanding on-land capabilities of the BAS-80-4 4WD system, you can now fully enjoy your boating journey on water and on land.


LENGTH28’11” – 8.8 m
BEAM8’4″ – 2.55 m
DRY WEIGHT3,197 Ibs – 1,450 kg
FUEL CAPACITY60 – 100 gal
MAX SPEED80 km/h – 50 mph
MAX CAPACITY11 Passengers on Water
8 Passengers on Land

Advantages of the Amphibious boat:

1 person operation
Immediate steering and parking next to your beach house
Straight driving onto any beach
Accessibility to the shallowest water
Access to areas of high tidal range
Ease of entry to previously inaccessible areas of operation
Extremely fast deployment response: Rapid transition between land and water
Increased patrolling areas
Rapid interception in SAR cases.
Unique rescue capability and flood response
Ability to traverse obstacles, variable depths, and debris

The OCM Amphibious boat is the future of boating, it is a boat with wheels. If you love boating, you have a beach house, or whatever the case may be, this amphibious boat will bring your boating experience to whole new level.

The 8.4m OCM AMP boat going at high speeds. You can enjoy the most out of the water and land, saving you time when launching the boat and providing you with the ability to reach any beach or remote island. The wheels situated at the front and the back of the boat are fully retracted and out-of-the-water, unaffecting the unparalleled performance of the boat. OCM AMP is built with the most advanced Amphibious technology in the industry. The boat is fully customizable and 4 different sizes are offered.

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