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The Advantages of Outboard Engines


One of the discussion topics that takes up a considerable amount of time in the boating community is outboard vs. inboard motors. How a boater powers their boat is a real hot-button issue—and everyone has an opinion. Fortunately, Crownline offers outstanding selections for both inboard- and outboard-powered vessels, so there’s something for you no matter where [...]

The Advantages of Outboard Engines2019-10-21T13:46:49-05:00

Why Choose A Center Console Boat?


These boats aren’t just for fishing. Center consoles are versatile boats that give you the benefits of a spacious walkaround layout and great athletic performance. They’re a convenient design for fishing, but they’re so much more—a cruising boat, an entertaining boat, and a good, all-around family boat. Yep, it’s time to get a Finseeker.   Walk-around Layout [...]

Why Choose A Center Console Boat?2019-10-08T10:54:04-05:00

A Guide to Boat Buying


It may surprise you to find out that most boat sales occur outside of boating season. Beginning in the fall, dealers and manufacturers are looking to clear what’s left of their stock, and you can often find great deals on new models. It’s also a good plan to shop during winter boat shows when the market [...]

A Guide to Boat Buying2019-10-03T10:21:10-05:00

The Best Boating Gadgets


Purchasing new gadgets for your Crownline might be just a little too much fun. Who doesn’t love getting new toys? Today we’re picking some of our favorite boating gadgets, gizmos, apps, and baubles that will make your days on the water easier and even more fun.   YETI LoadOut GoBox 30 | $250 For good reason, [...]

The Best Boating Gadgets2019-10-03T10:07:43-05:00

Boat Show Buying


Boat Show Buying  - Boat shows are massive celebrations that showcase all the newest innovation in the marine industry. They’re complete with boats, gear, food and drinks, games, demonstrations, and the knowledgeable people behind all your favorite brands. It’s a great opportunity to get up to date on what’s new and exciting and, more importantly, buy your [...]

Boat Show Buying2019-10-03T09:47:43-05:00

Fall Boating


Appreciating Fall Boating - The leaves are changing and the air is cooling, but the new season doesn’t mean you have to pull your Crownline and wrap it up for storage. For many boaters, fall is the best time of year to enjoy the open water. From the scenic views and tasty onboard meals, to cruises in [...]

Fall Boating2019-09-09T14:57:24-05:00

Saltwater Boat Maintenance


Saltwater boating is thrilling, adventurous and immersive. The feeling of braving the ocean in your own boat is both humbling and empowering. Saltwater boating is so intoxicating that humans have been fascinated the great blue frontier for thousands of years, with countless works of art depicting daring deep-sea adventures. If you’re a Crownline owner who loves [...]

Saltwater Boat Maintenance2019-09-05T13:51:01-05:00

Do I Need Trim Tabs?


Even with a well built and balanced boat like a Crownline, Trim Tabs offer an range of benefits for the average boater. Such as, increased vessel performance and efficiency, getting on plane quicker, correct porpoising and adjusting the boat's attitude for changes in speed. (Learn more about Crownline's F.A.S.T. Tab Performance Hull) Trim tabs are super-easy [...]

Do I Need Trim Tabs?2019-09-04T13:34:31-05:00

Winterizing Your Outboard


Should you do it yourself or take it to a shop? When the frost is on the pumpkin, it’s time to prepare your outboard engine(s) for its “long winter’s nap.” It may be tempting just to throw a cover over it and call it a day, but temperatures below freezing can cause costly damage to an [...]

Winterizing Your Outboard2019-09-04T12:06:50-05:00
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