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Best Water Bottles and Tumblers


Looking for the Best Water Bottles and Tumblers?  When you’re cruising in your Crownline, it’s absolutely necessary to bring water, coffee or other drinks along. Trust us, you don’t want to get dehydrated during a long day on the lake. Fortunately, we’ve packed a ton of storage space and cup holders into all of our boats, so [...]

Best Water Bottles and Tumblers2019-05-31T09:11:14-05:00

Best Action Cameras


Capturing a day on your Crownline should be easy and enjoyable. Fumbling around with a complicated camera while you explore new places or cruise at top speed is both a waste of time and frustrating—you have better things to do! So, this week we are highlighting the best action cameras for all your boating adventures.   [...]

Best Action Cameras2019-05-24T10:40:59-05:00

Staying Safe While Boating in a Storm


Boating in a storm is never a great situation, but it’s sometimes unavoidable. You can typically escape bad weather by paying attention to the forecasts, radar and emergency broadcasts, but you never really know what’s going to happen. Bad weather can come out of nowhere, so it’s important to be prepared when you’re caught in adverse [...]

Staying Safe While Boating in a Storm2019-05-16T10:54:40-05:00

Best Boating Apps


Apps make just about everything easier these days. With all the information in the world conveniently delivered to us in neat little squares, it’s never been easier to stay up-to-date, be safe and have fun. Here are a few of our favorite boating apps for 2019. Download these to make sure every outing is memorable.   [...]

Best Boating Apps2019-05-08T12:24:58-05:00

A Visit to South Dakota


When it comes to boating, South Dakota is often overlooked. The state known for Mount Rushmore and the Badlands has an impressive offering of natural wonders, scenic drives, historic landmarks, Native American tradition, and rugged adventure. And one of the best places to take in the state’s natural grandeur is a visit to Lake Oahe, one [...]

A Visit to South Dakota2019-05-03T10:35:04-05:00
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