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Crownline Boats 2020 Model Year News


CROWNLINE BOATS CONTINUES TO ADD TO ITS NEW PRODUCT ARSENAL FOR 2020 MODEL YEAR.   Crownline Boats has committed to releasing ANOTHER 10 new boat models for the 2020 model year.   After a successful 2019 Model Year, Crownline decides not to take a breather after all that hard work, but to double down on new [...]

Crownline Boats 2020 Model Year News2019-04-24T12:14:37-05:00

“All Day Long” Boating World May 2019


Boating World Magazine recently took some time to test our beautiful E285XS and it is no surprise that they LOVED IT!  Read some portions below, then pick up your copy of May 2019 Boating World and see for yourself.   Tested & Reviewed Customer Testimony & Performance Results   Find Out More See your local dealer [...]

“All Day Long” Boating World May 20192019-04-22T15:32:03-05:00

Having Fun With Water Sports


Having Fun and Staying Safe with Water Sports Crownline boats—especially our awesome Surf Series—are great for all kinds of water sports. Thanks to advancements in boating and recreational-equipment technology, it’s never been easier to have an exhilarating time on the water. But before you start shredding the wake this season, it’s a good idea to go [...]

Having Fun With Water Sports2019-04-22T10:18:14-05:00

Boating in Canada


Boating in Canada Canada is a boating paradise that many people overlook. Our friend to the north has more lakes than any other country in the world and 150,000 miles of coastline. Here are some of our favorite spots to take your Crownline if you want to go boating in Canada. Howe Sound, British Columbia Howe [...]

Boating in Canada2019-04-11T14:32:54-05:00

Crownline Boats E285XS Boating Magazine May Cover!


The amazing staff of Boating Magazine spent the day on our E285XS recently.  You can read all about it in the May 2019 issue of Boating Magazine available now.  About Crownline Boats E285XS The ALL NEW Crownline Eclipse E 285 XS is a stunner!  This 27′ 10″ outboard crossover model melds theF.A.S.T. Tab® performance and sexy [...]

Crownline Boats E285XS Boating Magazine May Cover!2019-04-05T09:51:19-05:00

Boat Trip – A Visit to Norris Lake, Tennessee


No better place to take a boat trip than Norris Lake, Tennessee.  With scenic lakes and rolling hills complementing the Great Smoky Mountains, it’s hard to find a vista that is less than gorgeous. Today, we’re highlighting Norris Lake as an especially scenic part of a delightful state. So, pack up and be sure to bring [...]

Boat Trip – A Visit to Norris Lake, Tennessee2019-04-05T09:13:10-05:00



Looking for great places to boat in April?  We know some amazing spots.  April sits on the cusp of boating season for a majority of the country. It’s a gorgeous month, filled with blooming flowers and rising temperatures, and it’s the perfect time to take your boat out of storage and launch a new season of [...]

GREAT PLACES TO BOAT IN APRIL2019-04-05T09:01:58-05:00
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