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The Importance of Float Plans


It’s always smart to notify someone when you’re going out boating. It’s the safe and responsible thing to do. Letting a friend or family member know when and where you plan to go helps rescue efforts in an emergency. For short excursions, a verbal heads-up is all you need. For longer cruises—especially overnights—it’s imperative that you [...]

The Importance of Float Plans2019-03-19T09:06:17-05:00

Best Places for St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations


Looking for the Best Places for St. Patrick's Day? We have the answer.  St. Patrick’s Day is an underrated holiday when it comes to boating. Sure, a significant portion of the U.S. is mired in chilly temps, but a surprising number of boat-themed events are part of this fun-spirited holiday. If you’re itching for a celebration [...]

Best Places for St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations2019-03-14T11:35:28-05:00

How to Avoid Common Boating Mistakes (Presented in GIFs)


Boating is usually not the most difficult pastime. Sure, there are a couple of tricky aspects that take time to get used to, but in general, it’s a pretty straightforward and fun activity. BUT, there are mistakes that any good boater needs to avoid. Some are obvious, and some are little things that could easily get [...]

How to Avoid Common Boating Mistakes (Presented in GIFs)2019-03-07T13:48:43-06:00
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