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Getting to Know Personal Flotation Devices


As we crawl ever closer to boating season, it’s important to stop and consider your safety practices and equipment. No, safety isn’t the most exciting part of boating, but it’s incredibly important. Before you go have the time of your life on your Crownline, it’s essential to understand the nuances of boating safety and the laws [...]

Getting to Know Personal Flotation Devices2019-02-28T15:15:20-06:00

Gelcoat Maintenance and Repair Tips


Proper care and maintenance of the gelcoat will keep your boats luster and underlying fiberglass in good condition.   Read these tips for maintenance and repair advice on everything from cleaning to repairing cracks. What is Gelcoat? The deck and hull are made of fiberglass covered with gelcoat. Gelcoat is a scratch resistant, color-pigmented, polyester resin. With normal use, [...]

Gelcoat Maintenance and Repair Tips2019-08-09T10:03:13-05:00

How To Trim A Boat When Making Turns


Maximize your boats performance and fuel efficiency by learning how to properly use your trim switch.  Boating Magazine has some great instruction on how to trim a boat while making turns.  Adjusting the trim properly is essential to smoother, safer turning. By Kevin Falvey As seen on Boating Magazine's Blog  "Remember: If the drive is trimmed up, the [...]

How To Trim A Boat When Making Turns2019-02-25T14:14:39-06:00

Best Boating Books


Curling up with a Good Boating Book Checking out the latest boating news, boat shows, videos, and boat releases are great distractions when you are stuck on land, but staying entertained with a good book is hard to beat. Reading a book with a nautical theme? Well, that sounds pretty darned perfect. Here are a few [...]

Best Boating Books2019-08-09T15:10:18-05:00

Boaters Date Guide


Boaters Date Guide For lovebirds, Valentine’s Day is an ideal time to show affection. For everyone else, it’s a perfect day to avoid all the hearts, chocolates and flowers and relax in your Crownline. We have the perfect date guide whatever your relationship status, boating is always the best way to celebrate.  We have some great [...]

Boaters Date Guide2019-02-14T09:01:44-06:00

Valentine Gifts For The Boat Lover


Need some Valentine Gifts for the boat lover in your life?  With Valentine's Day just a week away, it’s time you get your loved one something they will really appreciate: new toys for the boat. Deck your Crownline out with the coolest new gear and gadgets while making your significant other happy. It’s a win-win situation. [...]

Valentine Gifts For The Boat Lover2019-02-08T13:05:44-06:00
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