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Best Sun Glasses for Boaters


The best sun glasses for boaters can be a personal choice.  The sun is shining at full power and it’s time to protect your eyes in style. With so much light bouncing off the water, it’s essential to have a good pair of sunglasses when boating. With a wide range of designs and prices, it’s easy to [...]

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A Visit to Mexico’s Lake Chapala


Visit Mexico’s Lake Chapala - In honor of the World Cup and Mexico’s historic win over Germany, the current title defenders, it’s the perfect time to shine some light on one of Mexico’s most beautiful places to visit—the boater’s paradise of Lake Chapala. Few places provide the serenity of a massive freshwater lake nestled into a [...]

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Versatility of Crownline’s 286SC


Take a closer look at Crownline's 286SC.  Few boats are better suited for the full range of summer activities than the Crownline 286 Sport Cruiser. Decked out with just about everything you could need for a perfect day on the water, the 286 SC is about as versatile of a luxury cruiser you can find on [...]

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The Best Waterskiing Lakes In the U.S.


The Best Waterskiing Lakes In the U.S.: Boating season is now in full swing. Congrats to those of you who got out there and enjoyed the hot weather. Hopefully you were able to find some shade in your Crownline’s cabin. Now that the weekend is over, and the heat is persisting, make sure you pack enough water [...]

The Best Waterskiing Lakes In the U.S.2019-01-30T16:17:31-06:00
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