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Crownline Boats E23 XS Earns Industry Honors


Crownline Boats E23 XS Receives Industry Award Crownline Boats E23 XS has received a coveted industry award West Frankfort, IL , May 1st, 2018 - Crownline Boats E23 XS has been selected as a 2018 Top Product by the Boating Industry editors! The newly added E23 XS has received rave reviews from dealers, customers, and industry press through out this model year. [...]

Crownline Boats E23 XS Earns Industry Honors2019-02-06T13:57:40-06:00

Your Guide to Green Boating


Green Boating isn't just a fad.  This past weekend marked another Earth Day. As we recognize the day committed to preserving our environment, we’re reminded that the better we take care of our waterways, the better boating will be. There are many simple ways that can make your day on the water better for the Earth [...]

Your Guide to Green Boating2019-01-30T16:37:04-06:00

Exploring the Beauty of Lake Ontario


Lake Ontario is often overlooked when people consider the Great Lakes. Lakes Michigan, Superior and Erie tend to hog the national conversation due to the number of tourists they attract, while Ontario and Huron take a back seat. So, we figured it was time to give Ontario a shout-out for being a seriously cool and underappreciated [...]

Exploring the Beauty of Lake Ontario2019-01-31T14:08:35-06:00

How to Spend Your Tax Refund


How to Spend Your Tax Refund:  It’s tax time, which means annoying paperwork. But it can also mean a nice tax refund right before boating season. Sure, you can put your refund into a retirement fund, but where’s the fun in that? Better to invest in your passion—boating! Here are some ideas:   A New Crownline Have [...]

How to Spend Your Tax Refund2019-02-06T13:38:01-06:00

Explore National Parks


Explore National Parks with your boat - Few things are as beloved as our national parks. Almost 90 million people visited a national park last year, and trends suggest that even more will explore one this year. While most people choose to experience the parks by hiking or camping, we have a better idea. Check out one [...]

Explore National Parks2019-02-06T13:49:06-06:00
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