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Tips for Boating with Kids


THERE’S NO BETTER WAY TO MAKE MEMORIES FOR OUR KIDS THAN ON A CROWNLINE. Boating is a great family activity, but anytime you throw kids into the equation – things can get unpredictable. With their short attention spans, temperamental personalities and youthful judgment, having kids onboard can be a challenge. By following a few tips, you [...]

Tips for Boating with Kids2018-06-01T10:33:44-05:00

01/26/16 270 SS in Lakeland Boating Magazine


From the kid whose prize-winning school project makes it into the local paper to the senior couple celebrating a milestone anniversary, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of being featured in a publication. It’s the same thrill for boatbuilders, especially when it’s their boat being praised in a magazine. So it was with great excitement that [...]

01/26/16 270 SS in Lakeland Boating Magazine2017-06-21T10:14:46-05:00

07/26/16 Eclipse E29 XS Press Release


Crownline’s Eclipse XS series is growing, and in a very big way! Crownline proudly introduces the newest, and largest, member of the Eclipse XS series, the E29 XS. This feature packed 29’ 3” sport deckboat was built for passionate boaters who don’t want to leave anyone on dry land. The E29 XS profile captures the sleek [...]

07/26/16 Eclipse E29 XS Press Release2017-06-21T10:14:09-05:00

07/21/16 Preparing an Onboard First-Aid Kit


CROWNLINE BOATS ARE DESIGNED AND BUILT WITH YOUR SAFETY IN MIND. However, accidents do happen. There’s never a good place to suffer an injury. But it can be especially bad news on the water where you don’t have the luxury of your home medicine cabinet, and being offshore, don’t have quick access to emergency medical care. [...]

07/21/16 Preparing an Onboard First-Aid Kit2017-06-21T10:23:57-05:00

07/14/16 Exploring 1000 Islands Region of NY


LOCATED ALONG THE ST. LAWRENCE RIVER, TUCKED BETWEEN SOUTHEASTERN ONTARIO AND NORTHERN NEW YORK The Thousand Islands region is a favorite cruising destination for boaters who love exploring scenic islands, fishing world-class waters and enjoying peaceful, beautiful shorelines and bays. From New York, the two gateways to exploring the Thousands Islands are the towns of Clayton [...]

07/14/16 Exploring 1000 Islands Region of NY2017-06-21T10:24:18-05:00

07/07/16 Crownline’s Big and Sporty 350 SY


Cruising vessels around 36 feet are often built like an old family stationwagon. But with its sleek design and nimble handling, the Crownline 350 SY is built like a sports car, yet still offers the spaciousness and comfort of a luxury SUV. Like a Pro Bowl tight end who is both big and agile, this sport [...]

07/07/16 Crownline’s Big and Sporty 350 SY2017-06-21T10:24:35-05:00
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